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Why is Unjha famous and important for Spices?

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Unjha is a small town in Gujarat located near Ahmedabad. It is widely popular for its APMC mandi which is Asia’s largest market for Spices like Cumin Seed, Fennel Seed, Coriander Seed, etc. Shri Mohanbhai Haribhai Patel created the agricultural produce market committee in 1954 and there are almost 400 traders of Spices registered in and around the Mandi.

APMC UNJHA PHOTO why is unjha famous and important for spices
Busy APMC Streets during Trade.

In this blog, we will discuss what led to the rise of Unjha and why it became one of the biggest Spices hubs in the world

Farmers always come First in Unjha

Farmers are like gods to us, they are the ones who grow spices which we are able to sell to our customers across the globe.

Farmers can sell their spices in Unjha via an Auction mediated by Unjha APMC mandi which makes sure the farmer gets the right value for their spices.

Once the farmer agrees upon the highest bid price in Auction, his produce is weighed in front of him cash is paid immediately and the highest bidder takes the good for further processing.

No APMC mandi in India pays farmers cash payment.

Honest Traders

All the Unjha APMC associated Licensed traders are honest and dedicated to the benefits of the farmers. Traders have traditionally been doing the business since the emergence of the APMC system and are committed to the honesty and integrity of the farmer and the trade. Unjha’s traders are trusted all around the world for keeping their word and hence doing the business for decades.

Transparent dealing

All the transactions, auctions, and deals are conducted with the presence of the APMC representative all the time. All the deals are kept on paper and available for the farmer as well as the traders so that no discrepancy occurs between them. You can check the daily trades and rates here.

Cumin Season traffic in unjha photo why is unjha famous and important for spices
Farmer’s truck lined up to sell their produce during peak season

Spices Ecosystem

Unjha has become the hub of spices and that welcomed many traders to open their business to sell other spices as well in various packaging sizes. Unjha traders can supply you -

The list is endless. Explore all the spices here.

Why is unjha famous and important for spices
APMC Unjha

1. Great connectivity to all corners of India

Unjha is connected to the state highway number 41 that is directly connected to the major destinations like ports and major metropolitan cities like Mundra port, Ahmedabad, Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Unjha also has the Major Railway Junction which connects the main route to all the major cities and ports in India.

That enables Unjha to export and supply goods easily and efficiently all over India and globally.

2. Spice board and the majority of spices lab have offices here - Spice board of India opened its office in Unjha due to the volume of spices coming out of Unjha market. All the majority testing facilities like SGS, Eureka, QSS have offices in Unjha to test the specification of spices quality.

3. Exporting Facility - Unjha is now becoming the major hub of Exports, the business which was earlier dominated by Metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc. Shifting of the export hub to Unjha will provide huge benefits to overseas buyers as the cost will come down dramatically as middlemen gets eliminated.

Our company feels grateful to be founded in a place like Unjha and being around honest and hard-working people of Unjha keeps us connected to the ground. We have been doing business in Unjha for the past 30 years and we intend to continue the business for the years to come. Our company MD Mr. Jiten Agarwal came back from Singapore to Unjha because he saw the immense potential in Unjha and has the vision to put Unjha on the world map and spread awareness about it.

How to Reach Unjha.

By Road - Unjha is on state highway 41 which connects Delhi to Mumbai.

By Train - Unjha Junction is very well connected to major cities of India.

By Air - Nearest National and International airport, Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport, from the airport Unjha is a quick 1 and half hour drive.

Get Directions to Unjha APMC here.

It will be our immense please to host you if you ever plan to visit us.


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