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The Ultimate Guide to Launch your Spices Brand

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Everything you need to know to start a spices brand from scratch, find out now!

Our overseas customers are often interested in building their own spices brand in their market if they don't have one. Spices are such a commodity that has a never-ending demand. It is never too late to start your Spices brand and take your business to new heights.

We have one such case study of Mr. Patel, a businessman residing in Canada.

Read more to find out how Suman Exports helped Mr. Patel to build the brand from scratch.

While exploring different options to optimize his realization he explored the options from importing the spices himself from the Land of Spices, India. That is when he came across Mr. Jiten Agarwal, Suman Exports. Mr. Patel started his journey by importing spices in bulk and then packing them at his place.

Mr. Jiten runs Suman Exports which is a 30 years old spices business. With his in-depth knowledge about building a spices brand everything from branding, product development, logistics, and sourcing was consulted to Mr. Patel.

Table of Contents:

1. Decide your vision

2. Understanding the competition

3. Understand your target groups

4. Build products and services

5. Build your ecosystem


Decide your vision

Every company has a story, may it be the eureka moment when you find a solution to the problem or something you're passionate about. These define the mission you want to accomplish.

Initially, Mr. Patel started to source spices from local suppliers in Canada. This involved a lot of middlemen which gave him a 12 % profit margin. With his volumes increasing he knew it was time for him to minimize the extra costs and source spices directly from India. Mr. Patel observed that spice purchases are typically inflated to a third of the actual price, considering additional costs for distributors and retailers. Also, Mr. Patel was heavily dependent on a single supplier which did not help him get the critical supplies he needed, and maintaining a consistent quality was a challenge as well.

Understanding the competition

One of the common problems according to the research is that improper evaluation of the competitor across the range. If you don't know who your competition is and what are they trying to do you will not be able to differentiate yourself from the rest.

With hundreds of local spices suppliers and Asian players entering the western market, it was important to make the brand stand out by creating unique value propositions one of them was the sourcing of the spices.

Understand your target groups

Customer profiling is the key to deciding whom your brand stands for. Determining their challenges and pain points, emotional motivation their needs states helps to clarify your target audience.

From age-old families to youth immigrants from India and neighboring countries wanting to have good authentic meals in the foreign land, restaurant owners and hotels became his primary customers and hence it was first launched in the region where you find a good Indian population.

Build products and services

Once you have thought of a brand, you should identify the first set of products you want to launch. These products are generally fast-moving products along with some niche products. Choosing a good balance between fast-moving and niche products is vital for many reasons.

Some fast-moving products can be - Rice, Cumin Seed, Flour, Turmeric, Chilli, and other spices. Some examples of Slow-moving products - are Fennel Seed, Green Cardamom, and Speciality Spice blends like - Garam Masala, and Meat Masala.

Build your ecosystem

This starts with brand identity design and the tone of voice. The channels where you are present are to be found by your Target group and how and where will you communicate your brand messaging to them.

The business strategy has helped the brand with sales jumping from $10k/month in a month to $60k/month in just 6 months. Book your first meeting with us at

Thank you for reading this blog.

Tell us in the comments what you think is the biggest reason stopping you from launching your own spices brand.

It's never too late to launch your spices brand, and we are here and committed to making your brand successful in your market.

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