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Commodity News - Why Cumin Seed(Jeera) Prices are Rising (26/08/2021)

Just Spice Cumin Seeds Jeera Unjha Suman Exports

Futures from cultivars will be reduced to ₹ 14000 in a month. Cumin futures increased by Rs 21 per kg, while exports increased by only Rs 8 per kg.

Cumin's growth in exports exceeds the perception of bullish success fundamentals. Export of cumin is expected to reach a record level of 2.50 to 2.75 lakh tonnes in the current rains. Decreasing supply of Cumin from Afghanistan and Syria will increase Indian Cumin exports.

The export of these two countries will remain zero due to the non-ripening of cumin seeds to meet the Turkish-Iranian local needs.

Strong rise in cumin, but the fundamentals of decrease in supply or increase in demand are not bullish. Sowing in cumin will decrease, it may be a mistake to believe that, due to lack of water, sowing can be increased at a higher price

There can be a break in the rise of the moment due to the non-availability of cumin seeds

Agri commodity futures are showing heavy bullishness during the last few days but jeera was not bullish as compared to all these Agri commodities hence jeera price was very low and jeera buying attractiveness is very high. Also, due to lack of rain, there is an increase in the purchase of cumin by all, with the belief that the chances of jeera growing early.

Cumin futures will be ₹ 16000 if it does not rain, ₹ 14000 if it rains.

However, there is no shortage of supply in cumin and there has been no major increase in demand.

The price of cumin has increased by ₹ 20 per kg in the last 1 month. Jeera futures 1 month ago was ₹ 13200 to 13400 which has increased from ₹ 15200 to 15400.

Looking at the current situation, cumin futures may be ₹ 16000, but the upcoming

In case of good rain in 2 to 3 weeks, cumin futures may come down to ₹ 14000.

Just Spice Cumin Seeds Jeera Unjha Suman Exports

The export demand for cumin is very less at present as the cases of corona are increasing continuously in Bangladesh and there is also a possibility of an increase in the fare. The export demand for cumin is completely closed in China due to many reasons. China has already made huge purchases of cumin. Apart from this, the season of consumption of cumin has been completed and due to increased strictness in the testing of quality in China, the sample of Indian cumin is not accepted and the last reason is due to increase in freight-container cost the margin has decreased.

The export demand for cumin is likely to come out in a big way in the next 1 month because not a single country in the world is going to get cumin from Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Turkey

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